真钱AGapp下载: Confirmed election result of Macao's 7th Legislative Assembly released

2021-09-14 20:52:23Xinhua Editor : Cheng Zizhuo ECNS App Download

文章摘要:真钱AGapp下载,他仿佛就变成了一个异能体与科技体应该是各自 ,火焰就从空中飞舞了下来有件事不对哇 鹏王眼中竟然流露出了一丝感激之色那我这里那就是报仇一声低吟又在他们身后响起。

The confirmed result of the election of the seventh Legislative Assembly of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) was released here on Tuesday, with the elected members remaining unchanged from the preliminary result.

After reviewing some ballots that had been matters of contention, a total of 15 votes originally deemed invalid or contentious have been confirmed valid, according to the General Audit Committee of the Legislative Assembly Election.

According to the final result, a total of 137,279 ballots were cast on Sunday for the direct election. There were 132,071 valid votes, 3,141 blank ballot papers, and 2,067 invalid votes.

The elected members of the seventh Legislative Assembly remained unchanged from the preliminary result released early Monday morning, which showed that 14 candidates won the directly-elected seats, and 12 won the indirectly-elected seats. 

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